Member Protection Information Officers Role in our Club.

Member Protection Information Officers play an important role in sport

They are the first point of call in the club for enquiries, concerns or complaints about harassment or abuse

Provide confidential information and moral support to the person with the concern or who is alleging harassment.


At SWU we would like to ensure that our club is welcoming, inclusive and safe for all our members.

We follow a set of Codes of Conduct that we  consider to be an acceptable standard
of behaviour and conduct for all club members and our guests to adhere to
They provide a guide to the expectations required by our club.
We encourage every member to read and abide by these codes and
 commit to an ethical and moral behaviour standard.

The Club  Codes of Conduct are listed under Informaion on our website.


  • Listen to complaints and concerns from members and visitors
  • Provide support for all members
  • Provide Information and options for member behaviour 
  • Keep up to date with information on harassment,discrimination and other forms of inappropriate behaviour
  • Understand and follow club policies and procedures in relation to Member Protection.
  • Be accessible and approachable to all club members.
  • Mediate complaints at a formal and informal level
  • Maintain confidentiality for all club members
  • Provide relevant persons with the appropriate reports/documentation resulting from hearing
  • carry out unbiased investigations and make reasonable recommendations.

This webpage is being updated.   If you need further information or assistance please phone Wendy on 0408879693.


BWHA adopts in its entirety, the Hockey Australia Member Protection Policy in its current form and 
any revisions that may from time to time be adopted.  this policy can be viewed at

Where he document describes areas specific to Hockey Australia, only such references are to have 
effect to BWHA where applicable.

Working with Children checks - Blue Card
As per the legislation all people who work with children are required to have a current blue card. To
gain full details of the legislation,  exemptions  and application  forms please refer to

BWHA will ensure where legislation required that all workers (paid and volunteer) have blue cards

No BWHA staff member is to be with a child unaccompanied.

Parents must deliver and pick-up children at the designated time and place as BWHA staff are not
 responsible for children outside the designated activity time.

BWHA members who believe that some inappropriate activity may be happening involving BWHA 
staff are to reportage matter immediately to the BWHA Secretary.

Codes of Behaviour 
BWHA Codes of Behaviour are found in the Operations Manual 

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