Covid-19 Personal Health Tips

Please review and understand the following information to maintain your personal hygiene during this period.

Personal  Hygiene  Infographic

General Health and Mental Health Tips

As sportspeople, we know that our General and Physical Health is vital to performing at our best.

Caring for our Mental Health is just as important, and can impact every aspect of your life (work, home, relationships, sport, education etc.) in a positive or negative way.

If you aren't sure how you are travelling from a Mental Health perspective, don't hide it away. Book an appointment with your GP, who can provide you with the details to set up a Mental Health Plan, most of which can be covered by Medicare. This can help you work towards: -

  • feeling more peace
  • thinking clearer
  • working through challenges
  • improving relationships
  • achieving your goals
  • coping with tricky situations

Headspace is a great website to provide sound advice to help. Sometimes, just talking to a professional (even just once) is all you need to understand that things may not be 100%.

The Graphic Below is a simple checklist. Do a self assessment, which may help you identify where things may not be working for you. Don't be ashamed to seek help.
Feel free if reach out if you wish to discuss any of this confidentially - contact David Cole if you'd like a chat.
How are you going

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Queensland School Holidays
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Queensland School Holidays
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